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Binary Calculator/Converter
Use this tool in Binary Calculator mode to perform arithmetic operations (binary addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) on binary numbers. Use it in Binary Converter mode to easily convert binary numbers to decimal real numbers, decimal numbers to binary numbers (Decimal to Binary and Binary to Decimal converters), and Binary to Hexadecimal and Hexadecimal to Binary.

What is a binary number?
A binary number is a number expressed in the binary system, which is a 2-based positional number system that uses only 2 symbols: 0 and 1 to represent all possible values. For example, 10 binary in decimal is 1010, 100 binary in decimal is 1100100, and 1,000 binary in decimal is 1111101000. binary numbers have symbols, just like decimal numbers, e.g., -101 is equal to -5 in decimal. the binary calculator/binary converter above does not support negative numbers for now.

Although binary numbers have been used historically in Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, and other cultures, since the 20th century they have been used primarily for computing: by computer system designers, software engineers, programmers, etc. The binary numbers have been used for a variety of purposes, such as calculations, calculations, and calculations. This is because the underlying computer system encodes or does not carry a charge on all that exists. Therefore, at the lowest level of abstraction, everything in a computer system is represented by 1s and 0s. Thankfully, most of us don't need to do any binary arithmetic or counting, but a calculator or converter may often play a role in computer programming.

With our binary calculator, you can perform arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of binary numbers) and use it as a binary converter for binary-to-decimal, decimal-to-binary, hexadecimal-to-binary, and binary-to-hexadecimal conversions.


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