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What is Facebook ID Finder?
Facebook ID Finder is a special tool for identifying profile page ID numbers. If you have multiple profile pages, each profile has a different ID for posting content, images, videos and other graphical elements. Therefore, the purpose of the tool is to find the Facebook IDs of multiple profile pages at once, instead of checking individual profile page IDs.

The tool is completely free to use and can be accessed at any time, no matter what country you are in. Simply follow the instructions to update the desired Facebook profile URL in the text box and click on the "Get Facebook ID" button to find out their Facebook ID.

Facebook is the number one social media platform, serving over 200 million users worldwide. After registering, you can post content, images, videos, graphic elements on your Home and Profile pages. When you create an FB profile or page, each profile page has a unique Facebook ID that can be changed later using a custom name. Because of this unique profile name, the Facebook ID does not appear on the profile URL.

In order to recognize the Facebook ID of a given profile, there are various tutorials and techniques to identify the ID number. But it can be very complicated and time consuming, so we have developed a bulk Facebook ID finder to know your profile FB ID.

Why do we need this Bulk Facebook ID Finder tool?
Every tool has its own purpose and similarly this tool has its own requirements. So the question remains why do we need this Bulk Facebook ID Finder?

As far as we know, Facebook unique ID is a string of numbers and common people are not able to recognize the ID associated with Facebook profile.As it is difficult to remember the FB ID of each profile page, so they create a username for each profile page to know and remember the public or private information.

When you access any third party application, app or any game, they may ask you to sign in with your Facebook account to personalize your user experience. When a user logs into an application, they use profile FB ID to view your public information and friends list to run the application, which is a core part of the system.

Hypothetically, if a user encounters any issues with their Facebook account or profile page, they need the ID to understand the issue the user is facing and be able to resolve the issue accordingly. This helps developers, software engineers and testers to gather information and run the application smoothly without any issues.

Facebook IDs are assigned to each account and profile when a user signs up. When you send a friend request, join a group, status update, join an event, or submit a post, they use the ID to see who is performing the action. This helps them authenticate the user and process the action.

In the Facebook profile URL, when you click on your username in the upper right corner of the Facebook screen, it will appear as follows


But on the backend, something like this is needed:


The above ID is a key part of identifying an individual user or profile. There are a number of top level items, each of which has a different FB ID, such as People (aka Profile, User, Timeline), Pages, Events, Groups, Status Updates (text posts), Photos, Videos, Albums, etc.



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