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What is a GZIP checker?

GZIP Compression Tester The GZIP Compression Tester is an online tool that is designed to enhance web page performance by checking whether data is being compressed. With the help of this tool, website owners and developers can identify whether their websites are efficiently compressed. They can resolve issues with slow loading times and huge data transfers and improve the user experience by speeding up site access.

How is this test conducted?

This test will determine if the website you are testing (and ultimately, the server that your site is located on) has Brotli or Gzip activated by connecting your website and asking for the required information. The test will also provide additional information, including the size of the file for the original webpage you tested and the extent to which you may  gain from Gzip compression.

What is the purpose of Gzip compression?

Gzip can be described as a compression technique that reduces the size of web-based files (mainly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files) to a smaller version that can be up to 70–80 percent smaller. This compressed version of a file will be delivered through the internet browser of the person who requested it instead of the original file. The user's browser will then automatically decompress and serve the compressed file, and then serve the original file uncompressed.

What can I do to enable Gzip or Brotli to speed up my website?

Because a compressed file is smaller in size (bytes) in comparison to the website's original file size, your site will require less time to load. Make use of the waterfall within the tests of speed to find out how much of your website's files are being compressed.




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