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To use Diff Checker,Paste text into the text boxes below and click on Compare.

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About Diff Checker

What is diff checker?

Diff Checker is a data comparison tool that computes and shows the differences between the contents of files. Diff is commonly used to illustrate the differences between two versions of the same file.

How to use diff checker?

To use diff checker all you have to do is copy and paste the content of the files in the input boxes and diff will be generated automatically. If there is a diff, it will be highlighted appropriately. Markup operates from left to right so that if a word is removed from the left, it is shown in red, but if a word is added to the right-hand side, it is shown as being added and shown in green.


  • Auto Diff - Diff will be generated as you paste the content.
  • Get a live summary of the changes.
  • Each document has a separate margin that identifies the changes within the whole document. By clicking in the margin, you can quickly scroll to the change.


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