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The Disavow tool, introduced by Google in 2012, serves as a means for website owners to request Google not to consider certain undesirable links that point to their website. Essentially, it allows users to signal to Google to disregard specific low-quality or spammy links while assessing the overall quality and content of a website's link profile. This tool became necessary as website owners might have acquired such problematic links, knowingly or unknowingly, through various means like working with SEO experts or companies that are no longer under their control.

What Constitutes Bad Backlinks to Disavow?

Bad backlinks, irrespective of whether they were intentionally built or not, violate Google's quality guidelines. When such links are found, Google penalizes the websites. The Disavow tool aims to assist in removing these links, although manual removal might be more effective but time-consuming. Interestingly, websites that previously paid for links are now among those removing these links.

Creating a Google Disavow File

Before initiating the creation of a Disavow file, it's crucial to decide whether to disavow at the domain or URL level. Disavowing at the domain level means disregarding all backlinks from a specific domain, while at the URL level, it pertains to ignoring specific URLs. The file must adhere to Google's format requirements:

  • Format: .txt
  • Encoding: 7-bit ASCII or UTF-8
  • Size: Should not exceed 2MB
  • Each URL or domain listed on a separate line

It's advisable to disavow spammy backlinks individually or even an entire domain, ensuring careful consideration to avoid missing any problematic links.


Well, you might find it difficult to upload a disavow file, let us tell you Google make that process difficult intentionally, and the point behind in doing so is to stop those webmasters from disavowing their links accidentally or unknowingly. Thus it is better to follow these steps;

  1. First and foremost thing you must need to be a verified domain owner and you need to be logged into your Google account before going for further process.
  2. Now we provided this link here, click on that link (because you won’t be able to access it from GWT directly) and this is what you get after clicking the link.

However you have to make sure to select the correct domain from the drop-down, then click on this red button. But again a warning screen might show up having a yellow text box. Don’t just get worried, Click the button of “Disavow Links”. After that, as a result, you will get a popup box where you have to click on “Choose file” option. So find your disavow file that you want to upload and press the Submit option. After doing all this you might get a screen like this,

That’s It you’re all done with it now. Just click that ‘Done’ button. After doing all this you get the confirmation message in Google Webmaster Tools about your upload, moreover, you also need to wait for few weeks to see any changes before Google recrawls all the links.


How to Disavow spam backlinks on Yahoo and Bing?

It's very similar to the search console, just go to your bing webmaster tools account and select your website and select the "Disavow Links" from the left menu and submit the bad backlinks URL one by one and disavow them.

How to Disavow spam backlinks on Yahoo and Bing?

Does disavowing backlinks work?

Yes, of course disavowing of backlinks definitely works, but here are some of the cases where it works and you are also recommended to follow those as well,

  • It works especially for the sites that have created links on a very large scale for SEO purposes.
  • For the sites that have manual action because they used to have bad or unnatural links previously.
  • For the sites that look under negative SEO attacks over the time.

However there are definitely many reasons like the existence of manual actions, various algorithms used by different links and so on, that’s why people still recommend today using the Disavow tools.

img555's Disavow File Generator

The img555 tool simplifies the creation of a Disavow file. Users need to input the problematic backlinks, solve a captcha, click "Generate," and download the Disavow file.

Uploading Disavow File to Google and Yahoo

Uploading the Disavow file to Google involves accessing a specific link, selecting the correct domain, uploading the file, and confirming the submission. For Yahoo/Bing, users can utilize a similar process through Bing Webmaster Tools.

Effectiveness of Disavowing Backlinks

Disavowing backlinks can be beneficial, especially for sites engaging in extensive link-building for SEO, those affected by manual actions due to poor links, or sites facing negative SEO attacks. While its effectiveness may vary, staying vigilant about link profiles and using the Disavow tool is recommended in SEO practices.

1. What is a Disavow File Generator?

A Disavow File Generator is a tool used in SEO to create a file containing a list of URLs or domains that website owners want search engines to ignore or disavow when determining site rankings.

2. How does a Disavow File Generator work?

The tool allows users to input URLs or domains that they believe are harmful or spammy. It then generates a formatted file (typically in .txt format) following the guidelines set by search engines like Google for disavowing those links.

3. Why is a Disavow File Generator important?

A Disavow File Generator is crucial for managing a website's backlink profile. It helps in disavowing low-quality or spammy links that could negatively impact a site's SEO performance.

4. What are the benefits of using a Disavow File Generator?

The primary benefit is the ability to remove or disavow harmful backlinks, which can help improve a website's search engine rankings and protect it from penalties due to poor-quality links.

5. Can using a Disavow File Generator negatively affect SEO?

When used correctly, a Disavow File Generator helps improve SEO by removing harmful links. However, if used improperly or without careful consideration, it might accidentally disavow beneficial links, negatively impacting rankings.

6. How can one use a Disavow File Generator?

Users can input the URLs or domains they want to disavow into the tool, and it generates a file with the disavow directives. This file is then submitted to search engines through their respective webmaster tools.

7. Can a Disavow File Generator undo the disavowed links?

The Disavow File itself doesn't undo or remove links. It instructs search engines to disregard or ignore those specific links when calculating rankings. Reversing this process requires editing or removing entries in the disavow file.

8. Is it necessary for all websites to use a Disavow File Generator?

Not all websites may need to use a Disavow File Generator. It's primarily used when a website has acquired harmful or spammy links that could negatively impact its SEO.

9. How frequently should one create a disavow file?

Creating a disavow file isn't a routine task. It's generally recommended to periodically review the backlink profile and create a disavow file only when harmful links are identified.

10. Can a Disavow File Generator prevent negative SEO attacks?

While it helps manage harmful backlinks, it might not entirely prevent negative SEO attacks. Regular monitoring of a website's backlink profile is essential to identify and address potential issues.

These answers cover the purpose, functionality, benefits, potential impact, usage, necessity, and limitations of using a Disavow File Generator in SEO management.



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