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A hex number, or hexadecimal number, is a numerical representation in the hexadecimal positional numeral system. The hexadecimal system uses a base of 16 and includes sixteen symbols: the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F (or their lowercase counterparts), representing values from 0 to 15.

Key Characteristics of Hex Numbers:

  1. Base 16 System:

    • Hex numbers are based on the hexadecimal system, which is different from the familiar decimal (base 10) system.
  2. Symbols:

    • The symbols used in hex numbers are 0-9 and A-F (or a-f), where A stands for 10, B for 11, C for 12, D for 13, E for 14, and F for 15.
  3. Positional Notation:

    • Similar to decimal notation, each position in a hex number represents a power of 16.
  4. Example:

    • For instance, the hex number A is equivalent to 10 in decimal, and the hex number 1F is equivalent to 31 in decimal.
  5. Binary Relationship:

    • Hexadecimal is commonly used in computing because it provides a convenient representation of binary-coded values. Each hex digit corresponds to a four-bit binary sequence.
  6. URL Encoding:

    • Hex numbers are often used in URL encoding, where special characters are represented using percent-encoding with hex numerals.

Conversion Examples:

  • Decimal to Hex: 20 in decimal is 14 in hex (2 * 16^1 + 0 * 16^0 = 14).
  • Hex to Decimal: 1F in hex is 31 in decimal (1 * 16^1 + 15 * 16^0 = 31).

Arithmetic Operations:

  • Hex numbers can undergo arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, just like decimal numbers.

Application in Computing:

  • Hexadecimal is widely used in computing for memory addresses, binary-coded values, and other low-level programming representations.

URL Encoding Example:

  • URL: https://example.com/path/file?name=John%20Doe
  • Here, %20 represents a space in hexadecimal encoding.

In conclusion, hex numbers play a crucial role in computing, providing a compact representation of binary-coded information. They are used in various contexts, including memory addressing, URL encoding, and low-level programming. Understanding hex numbers is essential for professionals working in computer science, programming, and related fields.


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