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Tracking the hyperlinks to a site can be a difficult task, especially if you choose to look up every link that goes to your website. If your site has many backlinks, it is easy to forget to sit down physically and keep track of every link. This is when a link tracker tool is useful and can accomplish the task that would take you a long time to complete.

About the Free URL Tracker

The process of identifying spammy links has become easier thanks to a more effective tool for tracking links. But for many webmasters, it's not properly implemented. To remove bad links, they must undergo the filtering process of a more extensive link profile. It is time-consuming for webmasters of all kinds.

In that scenario, I'll walk you through a basic method of using link trackers to gather link metrics for an initial link audit.


To determine if a hyperlink has been deemed "bad" or "authoritative," there are numerous metrics to consider; however, webmasters must evaluate the riskiness of each link as well as the quality of it. To conduct a quick evaluation of a larger list of links, SEOs are inclined to look at only three primary elements. Let me list these typical aspects used by webmasters to assess the quality of the hyperlinks.

Link Indexing:

ndexing refers to search engines receiving the web's pages and saving them to their database.

Domain Authority (DA):

The domain authority (DA) of a site is a number that explains the importance of a website for a particular area of study or industry.

Page Authority (PA):

Page authority (PA) is an estimate of how high a website will rank in the search engines.



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