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What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Keywords form the backbone of both search engines optimization (SEO) as well as pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. In digital marketing as well as affiliate marketing, Google Ads, and many other industries, keywords typically determine the rankings of pages on search engine result pages (SERP) as well as the rate of success for PPC campaigns.

In 2016, Google was processing 5.5 billion searches every day This number could be higher today.

A keyword could be one of two types: a short or longer tail. Keywords with more than three or two words within they are considered to be to be a long tail. If a term is more than 3 words it is usually referred to as an e-word or a brief tail key word.

If you do search engine optimization and look at the volume of searches for various lengths of keywords it is likely that keywords with shorter tails will be more popular in terms of monthly searches compared those with longer tail keywords. While they are not as popular in the long tail, they will bring relevant traffic to your site that converts better to short keywords or the focus keywords.

The reason is because long tail keywords convey more precise intentions and are often utilized by those who are further along the funnel of conversion. For example, a customer who is likely to purchase an iphone case could begin their search for keywords by using a search term such as "phone cases" Then, they could use "best smartphone cases for 2019" Then, follow with "black slim silicon cases for the iphone xs" etc.

In the case above the searchers are further along the funnel of conversion as they begin to realize the exact product they intend to purchase. This is the primary reason why so many individuals who create content and sell software, goods or services online struggle to locate long tail keywords.

When you understand the type and purpose of terms your intended users use when they search on the internet, it is possible to develop content that is targeted towards the longer tail search terms. This will allow your content to be ranked higher in Google results for related search terms, and bring the appropriate audience to your website's pages.

Keyword Tool is the Best SEO Tool for Long Tail Keyword Research

Keyword Tool is one of the top SEO tools to conduct long tail keyword research. It creates only genuine keywords derived from Google search suggestions that are updated in real time. If you conduct a typical keywords search with Google it will show you the maximum number of results you can see is limitless to five. Keyword Tool, on another hand, can pull up to twenty keywords from one search phrase on Google.

A free copy of Keyword Tool will show you up to ten long tail keywords per each search term. The paid version of Keyword Tool Professional can generate as many as twenty keywords from Google autocomplete for just one search phrase. It will also aid in analyzing keywords through providing data sourced from Google. You can see the volume of searches for the past 12 months, as well as the cost-per-click and the level of competition for keywords long tail keywords in Google ads.



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