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Why run an internet speed test?

One reason is that it could possibly save you some cash.

Yes, really. It is possible that you are paying more for the speed you really need, and the additional costs could cost you money every month. Based on the data above, if you discover that your internet speed is greater than what you require, we suggest reaching out to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and changing to a less expensive plan.

On the other hand, you could be paying for speeds that you're not receiving. Conducting our speed test on your internet is the most effective method to find out whether your service is keeping its end of the deal. If you run the test repeatedly and discover that you're not receiving what you're paying for, we suggest contacting your ISP for assistance. This is often a solution to the problem, but it's not always the case.

Remember that the use of WiFi can reduce performance. The speeds claimed by Internet providers are determined by the speed that you can achieve when you connect your device straight to the router via an Ethernet cable.

How to Run a Speed Test

Before you take the test, There are a few steps you can take to ensure you get the most exact results.

  • Make sure you place your laptop, tablet, or smartphone you're using as close to the router's location as you can. The distance, the walls, the plumbing, and other aspects may all impact your performance.
  • Make sure you turn off all other devices that could be blocking your internet connection. This includes streaming devices, TV devices, as well as other computers in your home.
  • On the device you're testing with, make sure you're not downloading any updates or files prior to beginning the test.

Understanding Your Internet Speed Test Results

In order to understand the speed test you run on your internet, it is crucial to be aware of the differences between the speeds of uploading and downloading.

Upload Speed

Upload speed is the measure of the speed at which your connection is able to transmit an item (data in this instance) through your gadget to the internet. It is not the one most prominently advertised by the service providers on the internet, and that's deliberately so. The majority of internet-based activities don't require a high upload speed. Certain activities do, however, include Skype along with other video-chat platforms as well as online gaming and cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Download Speed

Download speed is the measure of the speed at which your connection is able to get data from a site or server on the internet. All tasks require some level of download speed, and this is the most important amount you should be aware of when deciding on the bandwidth you'll need. Streaming multiple movies or TV shows simultaneously (especially those that are 4K) or downloading massive files are just two instances of things that require more speed than average.

How much Internet speed do I really need?

The amount of internet speed you need is an issue of how you utilize the internet on a regular basis. For instance, a high-speed user in a large family who frequently streams films or shows as well as downloads huge files is likely to require a greater speed for downloading to meet their needs. In contrast, someone who lives in a two-person house and only browses email and occasionally watches shows on Netflix will require a lot less.

For more details, make sure to go through our guide on how to determine the speed of your internet that you'll need.

How Does an Internet Speed Test Work?

Although there are a myriad of internet speed tests accessible on the internet, they all work using the same method. When you begin your test, our software will transfer a set of files from your computer to the server closest to your place of residence. It will then run the same test reversed by downloading the set of documents from the servers. In the course of testing, the software measures several variables that include the speed of your upload as well as your download.

However useful the information is, you'll find the speeds in the report will be lower than what you imagined. This is normal, and to get the most precise results, we suggest conducting the test three to four times to obtain a reliable average.



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