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What are Terms & Conditions on a website? Terms & Conditions, also known as Terms of Service or Terms of Use, govern the use of a website by visitors. Simply put, a Terms & Conditions acts like a contract between the website owner and the website visitors.

Do I need Terms & Conditions for my website? While Terms & Conditions are not required by law (only a Privacy Policy is required), having them can include important rules and guidelines that you'd like your website visitors to follow when using your website.

Is a Terms & Conditions agreement a legal contract? Yes, the Terms & Conditions of a website or app can act as a legal contract between the owner and its users. However, there are guidelines on how to properly enforce an online legal contract, such as getting consent from users and providing notices when updating the Terms & Conditions.

Are Terms & Conditions required by law? No, Terms & Conditions are not required by law for a website or app. While they can act as a legal contract, their implementation is not mandatory.

What are the benefits of having Terms & Conditions? The major benefits of having Terms & Conditions include limiting your liability, protecting your intellectual property (IP), and reserving the right to terminate or block access for abusive users.

How can I generate Terms & Conditions using the Terms & Conditions Generator?

  1. Follow the wizard above.
  2. Click Generate.
  3. Your Terms & Conditions are now ready.

Generating Terms & Conditions using the provided wizard is a simple process that can help ensure clarity and legal protection for both website owners and users.


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