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About Text Compare

What Does Text Compare?

In the case of a college student or in the publishing business, it is obvious how vital it is to stay clear of plagiarism. Sometimes you'll come up with the exact same ideas and phrases that someone else has, which is inevitable. It's therefore an excellent idea to conduct text comparisons with the work we write.

What would you say if we said that there's an easy method to check texts for variations quickly? An online tool is ideal, especially considering how much time is spent online these days. But, with the number of websites that advertise text-to-text comparison How do you determine which one is the most efficient?

Compare Text in Multiple Other File Formats

We offer a variety of services that cover every kind of content. You can check the quality of almost every type of document with the aid of our tool for text comparison. The kinds of documents that are accepted by our different checkers are raw texts, URLs, and documents. You must select the text files you would like to compare, and the full report will be presented to you right away. The report will include all types of similarities found by our tool to compare texts.

With our nifty text-comparing tool, comparing two documents to find similarities is simple. Select the text you'd like to analyze. You can choose an existing document as an image file. If it is a raw file, you can simply copy-paste the text. On the contrary, in the case of online content, you are required to include a URL to allow for comparison. Once you've chosen the text that you want to compare, select the Compare icon as well as the two documents you want to be contrasted.

  • Compare different types of text files. The following types of files are supported by our Text Compare tool: HTML TXT PDF, RTF, DOCX and DOC PPT, XML, the PPTX format, ODT CHM, EPUB ODP, and PPSX.
  • Compare images to textual content by using OCR images such as jpg, JPEG BMP, and png GIF.
  • To check the text of your files, you can upload files to one of these services: Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.


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