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Get a free SEO score as well as individual sub-scores for each category checked, including meta information, page quality, page structure, link structure, server configuration and external factors.

With SEO Improvement's prioritized task list, you'll instantly know where to start for fast and dramatic results.

Some of the items reviewed by the tool include: how the site is displayed in Google, ALT image status, GZIP status check, redirect check, link status, sitemap, responsive or formulas.



What is an SEO checker?

img555 SEO Checker is an online tool that checks any website for errors. It also scans it for SEO issues and technical problems that could negatively impact search engine rankings. It will give you a list of all the errors on your page.

What is an SEO checker?

img555's SEO checker crawls your URL, just like search engines do. The page is checked against over 200 SEO-relevant criteria, including meta information, site structure, page quality, and page quality. A score for your website is calculated based on the performance of your site in relation to these criteria. This score will be displayed along with an error list.

What is an SEO checker?

img555's SEO checker determines whether your website is meeting the criteria used by search engines to rank it in search results. To do this, more than 200 parameters are checked in categories such as meta-information, page quality and structure, link structure, and server configuration.

What is an SEO score?

The SEO score for your website shows how well it adheres to the quality guidelines of search engines. If the score is above 80%, the page is well optimized. A score under 80% indicates that there is still room for improvement. If your score is less than 30%, you need to fix any SEO problems or serious errors on your site.


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