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How does our calculator function?


Our users are often faced with these types of questions:

"How did you determine the value of this site?"

"How did you determine the number of visits as well as page views?"

"How did you come up with the daily and monthly revenues? We make no profits from our site."

We'll attempt to provide basic information about our algorithm in this article.


We rely on public traffic ranking information to begin our calculation. We make use of the Alexa Traffic Rank to estimate the number of traffic sources, pages, and visits.

The revenue of a website

We employ our traffic estimation to determine "potential" advertising revenue for the website. We recognize that each website is distinctive.

There are websites that sell products online, but it isn't possible to determine the amount they earn. Certain websites do not rely on advertisements or other kinds of income sources; therefore, our numbers will only show the potential for that site.

It is our "" we "assume" that this site makes use of ads and affiliate programs in order to earn money.

the ranking of a site

Website worth estimated: We calculate it by estimating the daily, monthly, and annual revenue.

worth of web ranking: We calculate it by analyzing the traffic statistics we have used.

We are able to provide accurate results for our calculator.

Our goal is to offer an instrument for comparison to assist you in tracking your improvement. Enhancing blogs, websites, and other online businesses isn't an easy task. Automated tools such as our calculator for the value of websites can be useful by providing a score or ranking system to monitor your progress and also compare yourself with your competition.

We know that it is almost impossible to be exact with these estimates. In the end, we employ public ranking systems that aren't as precise in the first place. We build our report based on these numbers and on our assumption that the website is working on an advertising or affiliate revenue model.

So don't get your hopes up for getting 100% accuracy from this algorithm.


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