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img555 is a powerful tool that can detect WordPress themes and plugins that are used on each WordPress website. Find out which WordPress theme or plugin your preferred WordPress website is using right now.

What is a WP detector?

img555 detects all plugins and themes that are used on every WordPress website. If you come across a site created using WordPress and want to find out what they used to create it the first time, img555 is the right tool to choose.

How do I use WordPress Detector?

Certain plugins are only identified when they are applied to a particular page. For the best results, take a URL to the webpage that you love from the internet and copy it into the search bar of the WP detector.

Have you visited a website and wondered, "Is the site WP?"

Simply type in the URL into the img555.com search bar, and it will inform you whether the site was constructed with WordPress or not.

Do you think WordPress Detector detects all plugins and themes?

WP Detector tries to detect the themes and plugins that are employed on a WordPress website. But some sites may have a lot of configurations, and in such instances, only a handful of plugins may be identified.

The WP detector is a helpful tool that allows you to determine the theme and the plugins used by the WordPress website. Simply by inputting the web address for the website you're looking for, the detectors can provide you with useful details such as the theme's name, author, version, and much more.

Why should you use our WordPress theme detector tool?

There are a variety of reasons to utilize a WordPress theme detector.

  1. Inspiration If you're searching for inspiration for the design of your website, understanding what themes or plugins are utilized by websites you like could be a good starting point.
  2. Analysis of competition Knowing the themes and plugins employed by your competitors will give you insight into their strategies and can help you stay ahead of them.
  3. The Plugin ID:In addition to detecting themes, certain WordPress theme detectors are able to determine the plugins used by a site. This can be helpful when trying to locate specific features or functionalities that you enjoy on other websites. Once you have identified these plugins, you are able to investigate and possibly incorporate similar functions on your own WordPress website.

Does WordPress's WordPress theme detector recognize custom themes?

The WordPress theme checker is able to identify the majority of themes and child themes and provide direct links to the source of the theme. If you have custom themes, the tool can identify the theme's title that is given by the creator.



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