Remove Line Breaks

Online tool for removing line breaks from text and html. It automatically removes line breaks and preserves paragraph breaks.

The Remove Line Breaks tool is an intuitive, free online tool that helps refine and streamline textual content by eliminating unwanted line and paragraph breaks. Proper spacing and presentation can greatly impact the reader experience. This tool serves as a handy companion to ensure that your text looks neat and professional. Whether you're consolidating data, preparing content for publishing, or cleaning up imported text, the Remove Line Breaks tool offers two tailored choices to cater to specific formatting needs:

Features of the Remove Line Breaks Tool

Remove Line Breaks Only: This option meticulously removes line breaks within your text, turning multiline content into a single continuous line. It retains paragraph separations, ensuring that distinct sections or ideas remain separated for clarity.

Remove Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks: Choosing this option will not only remove line breaks but also eliminate paragraph breaks. The result is a compact block of text, devoid of any breaks or spaces, ideal for specific applications where continuity is paramount.

Why Use the Remove Line Breaks Tool?

Enhanced Readability: By eliminating unnecessary line and paragraph breaks, the text becomes cleaner and easier to read.

Professional Appearance: Neat and well-formatted text appears more professional, making a better impression on readers.

Efficient Data Handling: Streamline large blocks of text, making data consolidation and content preparation more efficient.

Versatile Applications: Useful for preparing content for publishing, cleaning up imported text, consolidating data, and more.

How to Use the Remove Line Breaks Tool

Step 1: Enter Your Text: Paste the text you want to refine into the provided text area on the tool’s interface.

Step 2: Choose Your Option:

  • Remove Line Breaks Only: Select this option if you want to remove line breaks but keep paragraph separations.
  • Remove Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks: Select this option if you want to remove both line and paragraph breaks.

Step 3: View and Copy the Refined Text: The tool will instantly process your text according to the selected option. Review the refined text and copy it for use in your project.

Benefits of Using Our Remove Line Breaks Tool

Time-Saving: Quickly remove unwanted line and paragraph breaks without the need for manual editing, saving you time and effort.

Improved Text Presentation: Ensure your text looks neat, professional, and easy to read by removing unnecessary breaks.

Enhanced Workflow: Streamline your content preparation process, making it more efficient and less error-prone.

Free and Accessible: The tool is free and available online, accessible from any device with an internet connection.


The Remove Line Breaks tool is an essential resource for anyone looking to enhance the readability and presentation of their textual content. Whether you need to remove line breaks while retaining paragraph separations or eliminate both for a continuous block of text, our free and online tool provides a quick and efficient solution. Try our Remove Line Breaks tool today and streamline your text formatting tasks with ease!