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This online tool allows you to convert your WebP images into JPEG using the correct compression techniques.

Convert WebP to JPEG

Most people are familiar with the JPEG/JPG format. JPEGs consist of an image file that is made of a grid. Each pixel contains a different color, creating a mosaic image. JPEGs are so popular, humans create several billion JPEGs every day.

WebP to JPG

WebP is, however, a less common and younger image file format. Google created the WebP image format in 2010 as a possible replacement for the most popular image formats today, such as JPEG and PNG. Google wants WebP as the only image format that can do it all, be it lossless images, animations, or alpha transparency. WebP isn't as popular as the other formats.

Why would you want to convert a WebP file into a JPEG format?

Compatibility is the number one reason to convert WebP into JPEG. JPEGs are a popular format that has been around for many years and is supported by almost every operating system, web site, and application. WebP images are unfortunately not as compatible. The ability to use an image could depend on whether you convert a WebP to JPEG.

It is only now that WebP images are compatible with the major image editors. Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop have only just started to support WebP. You'll need to upgrade your older versions of these programs or convert WebP images into another format if you don't have the latest version.

How do you convert a WebP file to JPEG?

Our tool is available on this page for converting WebP to JPEG. This service is completely free and does not require any registration. It will also not add a watermark to your images.

Uploading images is the first step. You can upload up to 20 WebP files. Drag and drop the files into the "Drop Your Files" field. You can also click the "UPLOAD FILE" button if you are unable to drag and drop. Once you have uploaded your images, the tool will start the conversion.

After an image has been converted, click the "DOWNLOAD button" to get the JPEG. You can also click the "DOWNLOAD" button in order to get a ZIP file containing all of the images. You could save some time by doing this!

You can repeat the steps as often as you like if you want to convert more WebP images. The conversion tool is available on this page indefinitely.

Can I convert WebP files to JPEG without risk?

Converting WebP images into JPEGs is safe. The original files will not be deleted by our tool, so you can always return to the WebP masters. Our server also deletes uploaded data automatically after an hour. Our server will remove the original file and converted version 60 minutes after it is uploaded. It helps to ensure that your sensitive information is kept safe and secure.